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TC-1100A Full-automatic Universal Window Patching Machine

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Model TC-1100A
Max.Paper Size W1100xL750mm
Min.Paper Size 110X110mm
Paper Weight Kraft Paper:150-1200g/m2    White Cardboard:230-1200g/m2   
   Corrugated Paper:≤3mm
Max.Film Size W500xL430mm
Min.Film Size W30xL65mm
Max.Film Unwinding Diameter 400mm
Film Thickness CPE/PE:0.1-0.3mmPVC:0.08-0.3mm  APET/PET:0.06-0.3mm 
Film Precision ±1mm
Maximum Speed 8000pcs/h
Quantity of Servo Motor 2Sets  Driving part:Paper feeding department 1 set ,film delivery department 1 set
Quantity of Stepping Motor 1 Set  Driving Parts:  Automatic paper receiving 1 set
Quantity of V-shaped 
Punching Mould
Quantity of Film Creasing
Power 380/415V 50/60Hz  7KW
Overall Dimension L550xW170xH160cm
Overall Weight 2800kg

TC-1100A full-automatic universal window patching machine is an economical and practical model. The film cutting adopts a horizontal knife with high cutting accuracy. And the thickest can be cut 0.3mm thick PET film , with film creasing, angle cutting, hole punching and marking functions, and with printing film tracking function.The machine adopts servo motor to control the paper feeding and film feeding separately, and the stepper motor to drive the back belt independently. It can adjust the distance between paper folding and count in batches.The paper conveying belt of the machine adopts vacuum absorbed. It has automatic lifting function in coating section when short of paper. It can mark and cut the printed film. It can also be extra equipped with tissue box cutter device. The machine runs steadily at high speed and is easy to adjust.It can adjust the film length and left& right film position without stopping. The machine is controlled by PLC computer with high precision, maintenance-free and abnormal operation protection features. It is suitable for local gluing and pasting of cardboard and corrugated paper and applicable for PE, PVC, PET, BOPP, APET and other film.


1.Horizontal knife cutting film + Single group film applicator
2.Servo motor paper feeding
3.Servo motor film feeding
4. Paper receiving stepper with batch counting
5.Paper vacuum adsorption transport
6.Double sheet / empty sheet gluing rising automatically
7. Paper width W < 400mm double channel mode
8.Film with creasing and cutting angle function
9.Follow lable of film printing surface
10. Film with punching holes
11.Film with transverse creasing (optional)


Q1.What about the payment terms?
By T/T 30% deposit in advance, and 70% balance should be paid before delivery(T/T).
Q2.How can I know if it is paid successfully?
We will send you a payment confirmation email upon receiving your payment.
Q3.What's the scope of the machine application?
The  automatic high-speed window patching machine is suitable for the window patching of gift box, tissue box(some modle of machine is OK), toy box, cosmetic box ,cardboard ,corrugated paper etc. It can realize the film cutting, gluing and patching for the packaging products.
Q4.How will be the machine packed?
The machine will be packed with wrapping film and then packed into fumigated wooden case.
Q5.What about the after-sale services?
The warranty period will be one year. During the 1 year warranty if any part is faulty, our company will give you replacing parts for free and help you to change the faulty parts. When the warranty expired, our company will still give you technician support for free. The only difference is the replacing part no longer free. So, we provide lifelong after sale service to you as long as you use our machine.
Q6.Why choose us?
We are the the leading manufacturer in window patching machine area. We have won the trust from quite a large number of customers through whom we get more new orders because of their recommendation. Our machine quality is always ahead of the curve because of our creative technician & development team and attentive after-sale services.

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