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G-800 Full-automatic High-speed Digital-control Window Patching Machine

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Paper Feeding

Paper Feeding


The Paper Feeding Belt of the machine adopts the Japanese Brand Nita which well solves the problem of unsmooth UV printing paper feeding. The paper feeding is realized through bottom belt with the vacuum absorption function. Driven by Servo Motor enables it to switch among multiple paper feeding modes.


The track with self-locking linear bearing is free to slide. It takes the place of traditional slow screw-driving hand-shaking regulation. The chains orbits which contain high polymer nylon material are in high wear resistance and low noise .Correction pin adopts servo motor separately driving.




The glueing roller is made from 304 Stainless steel material which is in high corrosion resistance and is easy to clean. Transverse and longitudinal glueing model roller are driven by servo motor which can realize the dual-directional regulation directly without stopping. The glueing part is equipped with the automatic lifting function. It avoids the glue touching the belt which reduces the trouble of frequently machine stop for cleaning because of the lack for paper problem.


Film unwinding is equipped with various functions such as magnetic powder tension and automatic correction, pressing line pressure pneumatic control, punching 8 axis dual-directional numerical control auto tracking, parameter read-in minor adjustment etc. It is also equipped with 4 sets punching moulds.

Film Pasting


Transverse cutting knife is driven by servo motor with high cutting angle precision control. Compared with traditional cylinder driving ,It has got the advantages of low noise, high speed with the angle able to control etc. Roller absorption continuous pasting is in higher speed and requires less towards film compared with traditional intermittent pasting way. The pasting roller is separately driven by servo motor and can freely adjust the film pasting position under machine running circumstances.

Film Unwinding

general Box


It adopts air shaft to install the film enables it to faster replace the film. The photoelectric correction well solves the problem of cutting unevenness for the film coiled material. The precision of unwinding correction is ±0.2mm.The Electromagnetic tension control system keeps the film feeding tension in constant at ideal state which makes the film creasing and punching in higher precision.

Double windows

Double windows

Double windows

Double windows

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